Tie Blankets

On Wednesday, Southwest Hall decided to make some tie blankets that we will donate to family advocates. Not many people have had the experience making tie blankets, but in the end I think we were all pros.


Egg Hunt

Hey Friends!

Wednesday morning, there will be eggs hidden around the hall. Each egg has a piece of candy and a fact about the environment. There is one special egg that has a ticket for a special basket behind the front desk. I encourage all of you to go out and look for the eggs in the morning.

Circle Smack-down

This weekend, Southwest hall participated in a faculty volleyball tournament hosted by Huginin hall. Southwest hall walked away with 2nd and 4th place. Southwest was number 2 on the court, but number 1 in our hearts and our residents got a chance to bond with some faculty on campus.

Life Hacks

Tonight, some of the Southwest Hall staff held a life hacks program in the lobby. We had many Hacks to learn and I decided to contribute 2 ways to get wrinkles out of your clothes without an iron. The second option was environmentally friendly because it does not use any extra energy or waste any water. You simply use the steam already created by your shower to steam the clothes and remove wrinkles.

Night in Vegas

Tonight, some of us went to Night in Vegas hosted by Porter hall. It was a good time where we got to take our fake money and try and make more out of it by playing their games. We learned a lot of new games you would usually play in a casino like craps and black jack, but we also played farkle. It was a great event and I would recommend going to it.

Cooking in a Mug

Thursday night, Katie and I hosted a program called cooking in a mug. We demonstrated how to make 3 basic recipes in only a mug. These recipes are very simple and we provided a small cook book to help people remember.