Ice Cream Door Decs

To finish of the year, I have placed ice cream door decks on everyone’s door to remind us that summer is almost here. We have 2 weeks until school is officially done, so lets finish out strong and have a great summer.




On Thursday after the wing meeting, 2nd floor hosted the very first Dino-Night. We sat down and watched Jurassic park while eating dyno nuggets. It was truly a great experience and I hope the it can come back in the future.

Taste of the World

Last Wednesday night, the Southwest staff put on a program that spread throughout the entire hall. Each floor selected a continent and then prepared some type of food or drink found on this continent. It was a great chance for residents to interact with each other while trying to find all of the delicious food throughout the floors.

2nd Floor Can Drive

For the rest of the semester, Ari and I will be having a can collection bin in the elevator bay. Since Wisconsin does not have a refund for soda cans, we are hoping to donate them to the local middle school and support their playground fund. We are looking only for aluminum cans that could have contained a drink such as soda, lemonade, etc. If you have any lying around and want to give them to a good cause, just throw them into the bin.

Star Gazing

On Sunday, we all took a trek out to the worlds largest M and looked at the stars. This weekend, there was a large meteor shower rolling through and we wanted to take the time to see the stars in the best place platteville can offer. In some areas it was kind of cloudy, but we got to see a lot of cool stars even if they didn’t all fall.

Drunk Mario Kart

Last night, we had a drunk Mario kart program in the lobby. This program allowed students to use drunk goggles to impair their vision and make it harder to drive. These goggles are supposed to simulate what it is like to be drunk and show you the dangers of drunk driving. The conditions were highly exaggerated, but the message is still very strong. Don’t Drive Drunk.

One Love

On Thursday, Southwest Hall and Bridgeway Commons joined together to put on a One Love Escalation program. One Love is an organization in memory of Yeardley Love who was a victim of relationship violence. The short film is a compilation of ideas that contribute to relationship violence. This story is not entirely true, but all of the events have happened to multiple victims memorialized in the end credits of the film. This movie was a very impactful film to watch, and it makes people think about what they have seen. You could make the difference in someone else’s life if you recognize the signs and say something. You could also recognize some of the habits in your own relationships.