Tips for finals

Next week is finals week! Take a moment to look at some tips from my chemistry teacher Marni Farana. I spoke with her about how she prepared for finals when she was in college. She gave me some good tips that I am sharing with you! This next week can be very stressful so take some time to relax and not take life too seriously. If I learned anything from my years on earth its that life is a joke and we are the punchlines. :’DImage-1 (1)


Destressor Event!!

Morgan, DJ, and I had an amazing time putting on the destressor event! Together we made some pudding and had oreos to let your anger out on. The dirt cups that we had were delicious and I ate my weight in pudding that day. A few people also took advantage of the stress ball station we had. There were small balloons to fill with rice or flour which made great portable stress balls that fit neatly into your pocket.

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Tips for Studying

Are you having a bad day? Well check out these hilarious memes about studying and finals week. It is sure to brighten up your day in a jiffy! Not only that but the board also has tips to help you study better and more efficiently. Come down to the lobby, check out this bulletin board and have a laugh or two while you learn some new ways to study. tips-for-tests.jpg

Tips for Recycling

We all know the Earth will one day be swallowed by the sun as it begins its decent into the red giant phase of it’s life cycle and slowly burns out leading to the end of our solar system. Luckily this won’t happen for millions of years!!! So let us save our planet and make it better for those who follow us. You should recycle everything you own because that is the only way the world will last long enough to be engulfed by the molten surface of boiling hot fission that is our Sun. I have posted some tips on how to recycle and different ideas on what can be recycled. Recycle 101

7- Week Training Program to Run a 5K

Do ever feel like there is something missing in your life? Maybe it’s running. Most of you probably just threw up in your mouth when I said that running is what you are missing in your life but “don’t knock it until you try it. Running has many health benefits and can lead to increased brain function and longer life. A 5k is a great way to start this life long activity. It is a relatively short race where you can challenge yourself to a self determined level. There is no competition involved unless you make it yourself. I have personally run two sanctioned 5K’s and I loved doing it both times. It gave me a goal and a purpose to keep running rather than just being healthy. Why not try out this beginners training program?

run a 5k

10 Ways To Overcome Test Anxiety

With finals fast approaching it’s time to take a minute and read this board. If you are one of the many people who suffer from test anxiety then this should be of great use to you. It contains 10 simple ways to help overcome test anxiety. I know that when I stay up all night studying it makes me feel more prepared but I always do worse because I can’t remember half of what I went over the night before. Avoid these simple mistakes by taking a minute to prepare for your next exam and reduce your anxiety by reading this board.